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Welcome to Maythan & Co.

Financial education begins with a click. Start your little one's journey with Matt the Monkey today!

Here at Maythan & Co. we develop and publish children's picture books, with Matt the Monkey being the first book in the Nate the Lion & Cherry the Alpaca financial literacy book series.

The series is aimed at starting the conversation around financial literacy with children, with the first book Matt the Monkey being set around a little monkey named Matt who grows tired of having to continuously sacrifice his valuable time in order to get his hands on a mere few bananas. Matt then dreams up an alternative method to obtain his delicious bananas, without having to give up all of his precious time! An introduction to earned vs passive income for children, and suitable for ages 4-8.

Matt the Monkey was written by Nathan Wallace, and illustrated by Lily Uivel, and we hope you and your little ones love this book as much as we do!

About Maythan & Co.

Hello! My name is Nathan, and I am a chartered accountant, author of Matt the Monkey, and co-founder of Maythan & Co. 

Burdened with high student debt and the increasing costs of living, sensible financial decisions were more important than ever. I knew these were universal issues that I was facing, so I wanted to help start the conversation around financial literacy with others and share some of the concepts that I have learnt so far in life. Therefore, at the beginning of 2021, I drafted the first story in our financial literacy book series. Fast forward to late 2022, and Maythan & Co. was born with us publishing the very first story in the series, Matt the Monkey!  

I hope you and all the young ones in your life enjoy what we have created!